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o_laurenholly_o's Journal

Lauren Holly Fan Page
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Anything and Everything Lauren Holly!
This is a Lauren Holly fan page. All posts must be related/linked in some way to Lauren Holly. Images such as icons, pictures, artworks etc must be placed under a cut with only a few previews. And if you are taking any of these icons, pics or atrworks, make it known in a comment and credit. Also be sure to post any spoilers under a cut. No bashing of any kind towards other members or Lauren Holly. This is a fan page. If you aren't a fan, then why are you here? This site is open for discussion on anything in relation to Lauren Holly and/or any of the shows/movies she has been in. It is also open for fanfiction, videos, fan videos anything you wish. This is not a strict community but there are certain rules to abide by. Follow them and this will be a happy place. Failure to comply will be issued with two warnings. Third strike and you're outta here... Hopefully no one gets that far ;)